The greatest man to have ever lived

Once upon a time there was a little boy.

He was the smartest and cutest little boy in the world… His only problem were the monsters under the bed. They only came out to play at night, in the dark, so he could never sleep, but as he grew up he learned to stop fearing the beasts.

He went to med school, because that was his life long dream.

When he was 57,  on 31st February, at 3 o’clock in the morning, he discovered the secret to immortality.

When he was 157 he learned he could reverse the ageing process and turned himself back to 15. That is how the Universe knows him, forever young. Few remember him as he was before, friends he had since he was a small child.

He was one of the pioneers of space colonization. He dared to leave his home world, for what everybody assumed was forever, to step into unknown, savage territories. All for the good of mankind. He kept doing that with every new colony, on every new planet, not caring about the limitations of primitive equipment and the lack of knowledge about those cold, unknown places. Many times he and death brushed shoulders.

Fortunately he survived all, and at the respectable age of 1000 he decided he was too old for new adventures. He opened a hospital on Mars and dedicated himself to research.

He eradicated 90% of known diseases.

He then eradicated 85% of all alien diseases.

He helped stop the alien illegal workers’ riot on  Mars when he was 1235, by inventing a death ray that killed over a third of them. The biggest city on Mars is named after him.

He could have gotten involved in politics at that point, but he refused on moral principles. He just liked helping people and thought politics was about playing games.

On his 1500th birthday he decided to retire from medicine and left Mars to live on his Sirius estate.

He died at the age of 1999 amid friends, concubines and offspring.

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