I want to have your babies

He never spoke in the hour’s drive home, and I never shut up. Always given to gab, I really gab when I’m nervous, and I was really nervous. Silence was so unusual for him, I thought I knew what was on his mind. Me! Finally we pulled up to the parsonage where he lived and where my VW Bug was parked. I sat in the darkness waiting, but … nothing …. Finally, I spoke out. “You remember that boy you baptized Sunday night, the little guy who could barely see over the top of the baptistry? Well, someday I would like to give you a little boy just like that!”

Asta e un mod prin care sa spui cuiva ca iti place :)))))

E un citat dintr-o carte a unei fundamentaliste care apare intr-un articol anti cartea respectiva si se gaseste aici.


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