Neil Gaiman – Neverwhere

Richard este Alice in Tara Minunilor.

Dear Diary, he began. On Friday I had a job, a fiancée, a home, and a life that made sense. (Well, as much as any life makes sense.) Then I found an injured girl bleeding on the pavement, and I tried to be a Good Samaritan. Now I’ve got no fiancée, no home, no job, and I’m walking around a couple of hundred feet under the streets of London with the projected life expectancy of a suicidal fruitfly.

I want to go home. Then he mentally underlined the last sentence three times, rewrote it in huge letters in red ink, and circled it before putting a number of exclamation marks next to it in his mental margin.

Cade prin crapaturile vietii si ajunge in Neverwhere, lumea care exista sub Londra, o lume subterana care oglindeste fiecare oras si in care traiesc oamenii uitati. Acolo il intalneste pe marchizul de Carabas, o deschizatoare de usi si cea mai frumoasa femeie din lume care se intampla sa fie si cel mai bun vanator din lume.

“I fought the bear that stalked the city beneath Berlin. He had killed a thousand men, and his claws were stained brown and black from the dried blood of a hundred years, but he fell to me. He whispered words in a human tongue as he died.There was a black tiger in the undercity of Calcutta. A man-eater, brilliant and bitter, the size of a small elephant. A tiger is a worthy adversary. I took him with my bare hands.”

Cauta ajutor pentru ca sunt urmariti de cei mai buni asasini din istoria spatiului si a timpului, domnii Crup si Vandemar.

Mister Vandemar and myself burned down the City of Troy. We brought the Black Plague to Flanders. We have assassinated a dozen kings, five popes, half a hundred heroes and two accredited gods. Our last commission before this was the torturing to death of an entire monastery in sixteenth-century Tuscany.

Mi-a placut, desi inceputurile lui Neil Gaiman par intotdeauna ezitante, pana cand actiunea incepe cu adevarat, asa ca mi-e intotdeauna greu sa trec de ele.

Imi place stilul copilaresc si Marchizul de Carabas care fac sa para ca citesc un basm foarte lung desi nu se fereste sa omoare personaje.

Imi place ca toate personajele care populeaza lumea asta fantastica si intunecata sunt periculoase, intr-un fel sau altul.

Si sunt fascinante.


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