E duminica…

Q. Why did the SWAT Team eat fried chicken in the Columbine lunchrom?

A. To keep flies off the bodies


Q.  How do you make use of that black kid that got shot at Columbine High

A.  Cut off his lips and use them as suitcase handles.


Q. How many black men does it take to conduct a funeral for that black kid
from Columbine High School?

A. Seven. Six carry the body box, and one carries the boom box!


Q,   How many Columbine victims does it take to change a light bulb?

A.  None.  They’re all dead.


Q.  What did the SWAT team see when they looked into Cassie’s eyes?

A.  The floor underneath her head.


Q. What do Columbine High School victims and cow shit have in common?

A.  The older they get, the easier they are to scrape up.


Q.  What did the cops say when they found Rachel’s body with the arms and
legs shot off?

A.  „Hey!  Nice tits!”


Q.  How do you keep a SWAT team busy for hours?
A.  Pin a note that says „turn over” on both sides of one of the Columbine


Q.  What’s the difference between a Columbine High victim and a rooster?

A.  In the morning a rooster says, „Cocka doodle dooooooo” and the Columbine
victim  says, ”                              „.


Q.  What’s the difference between a lesbian finger-fucking a dead Columbine
victim  and a Schwinn at the  side of the road?

A.  One’s a bike in a ditch, and the other’s a dyke in a dead bitch.


5 gânduri despre „Bancuri

  1. and there goes the last fuck i give about ‘merkins

    anyways vroiam sa te intreb ceva, esti multumita de tine asa … with no tits?

  2. I’m fine, thank you, thanks for the concern 🙂 Da important e sa te simti TU bine cu sanii tai, si cu restul, asta e mesajul pe care incerc sa-l transmit (I know, I fail)

    Neko, nu 😀 am vazut mai de mult Zero hour pe Discovery, da am uitat de asta pana la Tate din AHS. Abia atunci am citit si eu articolul de pe Wikipedia (imi doresc sa ma fi oprit la Wikipedia :(…).

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