The fanfiction critic

Tipa asta draguta comenteaza fanficuri. Serios, e asa de draguta. Si comentariile ei sunt amuzante, cu o combinatia perfecta de flame, critica si lulz. Sper doar sa n-o afecteze furtuna de rahat care o s-o loveasca odata ce autoarele astea o sa afle de ea.

Cand vad chestii din astea imi dau seama ce inseamna prostia cu adevarat. Prostia si ignoranta. Adica am cunoscut eu prosti, da nici chiar asa. Si sper ca nici nu o sa intalnesc vreodata un specimen din asta IRL. Nu numai autoarea, dar si celelalte fetite de 12 ani care lasa comentarii pozitive ar trebui bagate la gradina zoologica, langa maimute.

Exemple de comentarii:

1. This made me cry.

Well, i cried when axel gave the report.

WWII captivates me two.

It’s just such a terrible event that you feel lucky to not have lived through, i think that’s why we hate to love to learn about it.

I went to the holocaust museum.

It was the single most moving thing I have ever seen.

I cried through ninety percent of the museum.

Til next chapter then.


Faye Silo

2. Hrmm an interesting concept with Kingdom Hearts characters. Axel seems a little OOC but other than that, good job.🙂 It’s getting pretty interesting so please update soon. ^^
3. nice. Learning about Nazi Germany is pretty interesting. update.

…*is confused on some terminology cuz knows very little about naziness*

Well, anyway…^ ^; It’s awesome and Im definitely going to continue reading (rofl cred ca asta e preferatu meu)


Cool update. I wonder what Roxas wants to tell him…hee. I feel so excited cuz i can actually undestand what is going on. We just covered the hoolocaust a little while ago. =] Can’t wait till the next update!


…I love this. There are no more words for the awesome.

7. (nu pot sa ma satur de aceste perle de intelepciune) 

Wow! A WWII fic of AkuRoku! How more awesome can this get? I was actually looking for something like this. I’m very interested in the WWII, I love reading about it. No, ofcourse I don’t like what happened back then, it’s horrible! It’s just that I love history and this is one of the things in history I like to read the most about. That’s why, I’m very happy to read a fic like this. I live in Holland, and the war was closeby and happened here too…so we learn a lot about it at school too (and I always do some self-research,because like I said, I’m interested in learning about the WWII).

Anyway, I like this chapter! It’s weird to imagine Axel and Roxas speaking in German! Also, didn’t expect to see Hitler! Anyway, going to read further now! I’ll review the next chapter too.

Hm…I’m actually born on May 5th, when Holland was freed from Germany in 1945 (ofcourse, I wasn’t born in 1945 hahah).



Ah, it feels weird to see my favorite characters as Nazis. I loathe Nazi’s you know? I actually almost feel ashamed. But this is fiction, so I shouldn’t be worried too much about it. I like to read fanfics that are different than the norm, and I like this a lot so far. Anyway, going to read the next chapter. And deathcamp in south of Germany..ahh…they’re going to Dachau in München , aren’t they?

I’ve seen one of the camps too, we have a few in Holland. I went to the one in Vught…I got a very weird feeling inside me walking there, knowing all kinds of people died there hm..


NOES. D; But okay, wait a sec, oh my god, you’re amazingly creative.😀 I can’t imagine anyone else with enough guts to do something so historically shattering and dramatic, and in Fanfiction, no less, but… YOU’RE MY IDOL. *u*


These story alerts came up all the time, but I never clicked on it, and may I just say I’m super duper glad I did finally? D: WHAT THE HECK WAS /WRONG/ WITH ME?

This is an AMAZING story. I love WWII stories too, despite how tragic they are, and I’m fully amazed at how you worked in everything to be perfect. Of course they wouldn’t suspect Roxas of being Jewish, since he /is/ the „perfect Aryan”, and hahaha Himmler. XDD I find it a little scary to be on Axel’s side of the story when he’s encountering Hitler the bastard himself. D: Very suspenseful though! ^^ I love this!

-walks away mumbling-

what the HECK was WRONG with me..? (looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool comentariile la ficurile de genul asta sunt intotdeauna amuzante)



And oh gosh, I’m probably overreacting, but I’m worried about when Roxas had to raise his voice while they were passing the bar, and he mentioned that he was Jewish. Raising his voice… And passing a bar; what if someone came out of the bar and heard him? D: Probably overreacting… But STILL! D:

And hahaha, boring Hitler. XDD WHAT A LOSER. D:

And you’re/Roxas’s totally right! Everyone concentrates on the Jews, but the terror didn’t stop there. Homosexuals, gypsies, mentally disabled, everyone else, they suffered too… UGH THIS IS SCARY. D;

I know that WWII was a long time ago, and that nothing can REALLY happen to Axel and Roxas in a fanfiction, but you make it… so much MORE than a fanfiction! Please update soon. ^^ (yeah… fucking  jews taking the spotlight again si loseru ala de hitler, nici nu stiu cum a ajuns presedinte sau ce era el acolo… )

Sa folosesti lagarele naziste pentru fantaziile tale gay/nazi e gresit (da, stiu de filmu ala cu Luke (?) Wilson, nu se compara). Am citit acum ceva vreme despre trenurile care ii duceau pe evrei in lagare. Vagoanele erau atat de aglomerate incat multi mureau sufocati. Copii morti, femei cu picioarele murdare de sange menstural si urina. Saptamani intregi pe drum, fara o coarja de paine, fara sa stii unde mergi, unde iti sunt copiii, sotia, daca mai traiesc, si la final moartea. Daca te ‘fascineaza’ asta, iti place, ti se pare un cadru potrivit pentru povestea ta de dragoste (intre doi membri SS) atunci e ceva in neregula cu capsoru tau.

5 thoughts on “The fanfiction critic

  1. Uite de ce nu mai scriitori adevărați care să vorbească noilor generații: pentru că sunt domnișoare pe youtube care le sugrumă cariera în fașă.

    Nu că ar fi ceva de celebrat în legătură cu oroarea narativă comisă de domnișoara pseudo-scriitoare, dar e un pic overkill ce tante Fan-Fic Critic.

    • Scriitorii adevarati scriu chestii originale pe care le trimit la edituri care le publica. Nu le pun pe si criticii de pe youtube nu au cum sa le critice inainte sa apara. =)) Imi si imaginez, se naste noul Tolstoi, publica o carte, criticii in extaz, milioane de fani, nush ce… pana cand apare o fata care zice nasoale pe youtube si gata, i-a distrus cariera. Daca nu a mers cu Stephanie Meyer, nu a mers cu Dan Brown si nu a mers cu Stephen King nu cred ca ar putea sa-i distruga cariera nici lu Tolstoi.
      Daca ii zice ca ‘asta e prea exagerat’, ‘asta e gresit’ si ‘aici trebuia sa faci mai mult research’, proasto, nu e overkill. Se numeste critica constructiva. Scriitori ca Ursula K. Le Guin, King si multi altii au primit scrisori mult mai vitriolante de la editori decat ce zice fata asta. Daca vrei sa dai vina pe cineva pt. distrugere de cariere da vina pe ei (desi, din nou, trebuie sa spun ca din pacate nu ma mers cu S. Meyer).

    • :)) nu m-am prins, desi acu pare evident. In apararea mea stiu oameni care ar vorbi serios. Multe din ele, daca le oferi atentie, sunt amuzante. De ex. am primit niste mesaje de la una in care eram facuta the antichrist.

  2. Sunt oameni care vor pur și simplu să se exprime. Nu pot să spun că mă deranjează atât timp cât nu se apropie de mine.

    Foarte mult nu m-am interesat de povestea domnișoara critic, dar cum este o informație aproape apriorică faptul că va fi foarte slabă calitatea unui fanfict, mi se pare lipsit de scot efortul ei. Mai ales că își supune și ascultătorii la materialul sursă, fără să fie prea amuzantă(IMO, bănuiesc că nu ești de acord cu asta).

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